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Regular DIY Roof Inspections Can Improve Your Home


Are you a DIY kind of person? You don't need to be into re-purposing soda bottles or creating duct tape wallets to do it yourself. Just think about your roof. Experts recommend that a roof inspection be performed twice a year.... but who says you can't do it on your own? Inspecting your roof isn't just a good idea. It can actually improve many different aspects of your home. If you're ready to take better care of your space, then get ready. It's time to learn all about your next DIY project.

Don't just think of your roofing as something that sits on top of your home. Instead, think of it as your protection from the elements! When it's raining outside or the winds are howling, your roof is what helps to keep you and your family safe and protected. That makes it is especially important to take good care of it. A visual inspection should be performed twice a year. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) advise that homeowners inspect roofing every spring and fall - since the weather during these seasons tends to be milder. While an inspection twice a year is the norm, if there has been a storm or severe weather conditions, you may want to perform a quick visual inspection immediately following.

Now.... it's time to learn how to handle your own roof inspection. Remember, while repairs and roof installation should always be left to the professionals, an inspection can easily be done by yourself. Let's get started! It is best to start your inspection on the inside. Head into the attic and take a look at the ceiling there. Do you see any water damage? Light peeking through? What about dark spots? If you answered no to all of these questions, your roof is looking good so far! If you do see a problem, take note of it and continue your inspection outside.

Once you leave the house, step back. You may want to cross the street, get to the edge of your property or even climb up a ladder with a pair of binoculars. Do whatever you have to do (as safely as possible!) to get a good view of your roof. As you go around your house, there are certain things to be on the look out for. They include any missing shingles, tears or rips, valleys, buckling or curling shingles, rotted areas, or any noticeable warping. What you see will determine what to do next. If you've found any potential problems, contact a roofing contractor with your concerns. They can perform a more thorough inspection and find an effective solution.

You know how to perform your own roof inspection...but how does a regular DIY roof inspection actually improve your home? For starters, it ensures that your property is always safe. A strong roof means you are less likely to experience leaks, water damage or other serious issues. In addition, keeping up with inspections can help you find smaller repairs before they become more serious. That can save you money and time in the long run. Also, your DIY inspection can actually increase the value of your home. By making sure your roof does not need replacement - and that there are no visible problems- you maintain the resale value.

Bring a little DIY to your home by performing your own roof inspection. Simply looking out for problems will help keep your home safe and well taken care of. Re-define your idea of DIY by bringing a little of that do it yourself attitude to home maintenance.

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