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Extreme Weather Damaged Your Roof...

We all love warm sunny days. As much as may we love them, they don't happen nearly enough. There are ice storms, snowstorms, and thunderstorms to consider. Sometimes, it feels like those come around far more often! When extreme weather does happen, it isn't just your day-to-day activities that are affected. Your roofing can also take a hit. Even a brand new roof can become damaged during storms, heavy rain, and harsh winds. This can lead to missing or torn shingles or even serious water leaks. Has it happened to you? Are you worried that it might? Keep reading. There are certain things to do when your roof has been damaged by weather conditions.

You can't predict when bad weather is going to hit. That makes it difficult to prepare your home for the worst. So, it is important to have an action plan in place that will follow severe weather. The best place to start? Survey the damage. After the storm has passed, you'll want to assess any damage to your roof or property. If the inside of your home hasn't been affected, wait until morning. Otherwise, you can carefully head outside as soon as the storm passes. You may find that just a shingle or two have fallen off. Or you may see that the storm has caused valleys or dips on your roofing. It all depends! Grab a pair of binoculars, look for problem areas or damage, and take note of everything you see.

After you have determined where the problems lie, it's time to focus on solutions. You may need to make a few quick fixes to your home. Don't think of this as a long-term solution, but rather a way to limit further damage to your space until professional roofing contractors arrive. The temporary fix will depend on the actual keep in mind: you may have to great creative. If there is a leak, for instance, be sure to move all furniture out of the way. You may also want to place a bucket underneath the leak to prevent it from harming your flooring. If the ceiling is dipping in, you may need to tarp the area either inside or outside to waterproof it as much as possible.

The next step is to determine whether or not you should contact your insurance company. In the case of severe weather damage, home insurance may be able to cover the repairs. You will need to take a moment to think about the damage itself, though. Is it minor? Does it require a lot of work and materials? Your answers will help you decide whether using your home insurance is worth it. Something else to think about? Contacting a roofing contractor as quickly as possible. Make sure you choose a contactor that you trust to do the job. You may want to do a little research beforehand. That way, you will have a number on hand in case of a weather related emergency. Plus, the sooner the problem areas are inspected and repaired, the sooner your life can get back to normal!

The weather is totally out of your control - but taking care of your roof isn't. If your roofing has been damaged by extreme weather conditions, make sure you know what to do. Being prepared can help you avoid feeling worried, stressed, or panicked. Thank goodness for that!

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