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Roof repair contractor - what to ask?

What is the complete roof contractor company information?
Try to hire a nearby roof contractor. The roof construction industry is geography related.

Can I have a list of former roof repair customers?
Contacting the roof repair contractor previous clients is a good way to determine reliability.

Is payment upon completion of the roof repair? Is there a deposit before the roof repair starts?

Can we sign a written contract including explicit payment instructions and total price?

Will you give me with a guarantee and manufacturers warranty?

Will you obtain the required re-roofing repair permits?
Suspect a roof contractor that asks you to obtain the permits

If your roof repair equipment damages my property, who is liable?
It is a good idea to have your roof contractor provide both Certificates of Insurance for both liability and Worker's Compensation before work begins on your home.

Would there be sub-contractors? If so, what are the names and license numbers?
If your roof contractor hires a subcontractor, go over all of the same questions with them.

Will you submit a maintenance program for the new roof system?
Regular inspection of the new roof will allow for potential problems to be caught early and remedied before they cause substantial damage.

Are you a member of any local and national roofing associations?
Membership in such organizations usually shows that the roof contractor maintains the highest standard of education possible.

Is there any pending legal action against your roof repair company?
If a lawsuit is pending, find out what the suit details.


Roof Contractor

Considering a roof contractor?

Do you need a new roof?
When you look at the roof:
Do you see missing or broken tiles?
Do you see loose nails?
Are there darker areas on the roof?

What to ask the roof contractor

  • Roof contractor company information
  • A list of previous happy clients
  • Who covers damages to the house while the roof contractor's team fixes the roof?
  • Guarantees and manufacturers warranty
  • Will you get the required re-roofing permits?